Terms and Conditions

Little Stars (ages 5-7)

930 Baht per month

(total of 3,720 Baht per term)

Big Stars (ages 8-11)

1,080 baht per month

(total of 4,320 Baht per term)

Leaders (12+)

1,080 baht per month

(total of 4,320 Baht per term)


  • Drama club runs for one-term at a time (12-weeks). There are three terms per year. 
  • Over the term, you will be charged 4 equal monthly payments unless you opt to pay all fees up-front
  • Paying fees for the term via invoicing and bank transfer incur a 3% administration fee and is a commitment to the full 12-week programme. Refunds will not be given.
  • If you enroll late, your fee will be pro-rated and we will organise this for you
  • Fees will be charged automatically each month if paying via debit or credit card
  • Enrolment in Drama Club is on-going - if you want to withdraw, you need to let us know, otherwise, we will assume that you will be back next term.

How monthly payments work with each term:

  • Term 1 - September, October, November, December
  • Term 2 - January, February, March, April
  • Term 3 - May, June, July, August

When you enroll in Drama Club, you give us permission to continue charging monthly until your enrolment is withdrawn. 15-days notice is required when withdrawing, otherwise, you will be charged for the next month when paying with your debit or credit card.

Other Terms

By enrolling in Drama Club, you also agree to the following:

  • Make-up lessons are not available for missed classes.
  • Respectful interaction with staff and other students is expected.
  • Please collect your children on time.
  • We take photos and videos of our students in class, and these photos may be used in marketing materials and on social media. We never share identifying information alongside photographs.
  • You warrant that your child is medically sound to undertake and participate in Drama Club. You accept all risks associated with participation in our programmes.

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