TWO - December 2020

By Jim Cartwright

Come and join the Landlord and Landlady of a local English pub and witness the comings and going of the regulars from the first pint to last orders. 

Interwoven with pint-pulling we meet Moth, a man drawn to every flame yet utterly dependent on Maudie; two elderly pensioners; Mrs. Iger who simply adores big men; Roy who has Lesley completely under control and two Elvis fans watching TV.

Hilarious and heart-warming in equal measure - this razor-sharp drama takes clever twists and turns before reaching a powerful and unexpected climax.

Two actors. Fourteen characters. One pub. One night. A deeply poignant yet hilarious comedy about life, love, and the human condition told over one night in a pub in the north of England. What will you be having then?

The footage of this film was taken over two nights during our December performances. It is the first time we have attempted to produce a recording of our productions, so we hope you like it. If you do and want to support our work, why not consider buying us a coffee when you have finished watching. Click HERE to buy us a coffee.

Coming Soon

To-Do List by Rhona Smith

Directed by Duane Hauch

'It's lockdown 2020 and Tom, a Secondary English teacher, is trying to juggle teaching on-line, keeping his family happy and checking things off his to-do list. As doubts creep up on him, Tom wonders if it is all worth it.'

To-Do list is a short monologue that will be recorded and released on-line in late 2020

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